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Monday, October 18, 2021

Forging on

 This is an early draft.  I am sure I will spend a lot of time tweaking it.

Updated: Oct 18, 9am


When will men overcome the single behaviour that drives them back to their animal origins and destroys their attempts at humanity, thus destroying all of our humanity?

I've said, in places, that I'm done.  I'm done wracking my brain to explain what is wrong with humanity.  I'm not done with pondering the situation, though.  I guess I'm back to what I did for forty years: ponder the morass we've made and what will change when we become human.  The emphasis in this piece will be on the changes to come.  That's a great portion of what I attempted (attempted!) to do in Millennium.  

I assure you, twelve years of wracking my brain was enough.  That I had to wrack my brain at all just shows how limited the scope of humanity remains.  It's all there, even in the first book, Sentience (okay, not the first edition - well, it was; but it was so full of writing errors that it was probably pretty difficult to discern).

It's all pretty clear now.  We repeatedly shatter as a race into two pieces because we are not whole.  It starts because we depend on confrontation.  In dribs and drabs it slowly grows into a monster.  At some point in time, over and over again, we cause some cataclysm and, then, become cowed by our destructive potential.  We look around in horror at the destruction we caused and become cowed by the stupour we inhabit.

Then, we are back at it within three generations or less.  All because we are human and still regard ourselves as no more than a beast.  I'm done with all of that.  I'd love to bring humanity along with me but I'm afraid the best I can hope for is that they come along, in dribs and drabs, over the generations that follow my death.

I think we will find that virtually all of our progress has been going in the wrong direction.  That will take awhile to sink in.

For me, it is like starting over at almost 70 years old.  I feel like a child, once again, because I shed all of the horrible teachings of insanity.  That faith lunacy that explains everything in a way that makes no sense.  Religion is nothing more than a coping mechanism for terror.  Whoever dreamed that one up I hope is spinning in their grave.  

I don't know that I will be able to achieve that most intimate connection but, you can be sure, I will try.

Of the four books, my favorite is A Sentient PerspectiveSentience was just noting the most basic understanding.  A Sentient Perspective was the initial attempt to put all of the pieces together, after a few years of contemplation.  Millennium was my first attempt to really try to put it into words that anyone could understand.  I'm still not sure that has worked so well.  Transformation seems the most successful at that.  But, even then.

If you can't see that humanity is a mess and that it has so much pent-up potential, well, I'm not sure anything can help you.  There are four books and Transformation (hopefully, I will add that to Millennium - I don't like having it only on Google's blogspot).  That is the best I can suggest.

This also explains my difficulties.  I can see it all so clearly and, yet, everyone seems to have difficulty grasping it at all.  I think the problem is that it is difficult to suspend one's conditioning, even the slightest.

The road we have taken so far has led to a deep conviction of everyone for themselves.  If you pick up a few kindred souls along the way that agree with your limited view, all well and good.  But, you should expect to have to battle for your own well-being.  I expect that will raise a lot of eyebrows.  It may come as a shock to many that it should not be a situation where everyone is out for themselves.  That is just an animal that remains in its stupour, unable to see the bigger picture of its sentient state.

I think, this time, I will be able to stay steadfastly on what will change.  Any burgeoning thoughts regarding an explanation of what is wrong will be binned in Transformation.  

I'm tired of even considering the mess we've made of sentient life.  Don't get all outraged that we messed things up.  It was in the cards, which I think I explain very well in Transformation.  I hit upon it in all of the books, but I still had a lot of anger powering my way at that time.

I said throughout the previous books that it would take three generations to achieve a sentient state, so to speak.  What I meant is that I expect it will be three generations for us to fully remove the blinders that impede.  We will be able to see what a mess we've made clearly within three generations (only my guess).  That does not mean we will have cleaned it up thoroughly, though I expect we will have made significant progress.

The main thing to realize is that the rules have changed.  Maybe the most significant realization will be that it is no longer just a game, nor is it a joke, even a sad joke.  Once we realize this, we will finally be in for the long haul.  If you substitute "long game" for "long haul" I will probably slap you.  We have incredible potential that is going to waste because we act like it's a game.  We are frittering not just our lives away, but all of humanity.  We act like it's all a game because we haven't gotten past the fact that we are descended from animal.

Sticking with the game metaphor, we are currently playing a game with no winners.  We have to turn that around and make it an existence where everyone wins.

Another rule change is everyone will begin looking for love in the mirror first.  How can somebody possibly love another if they haven't regarded and accepted it in themselves?  If one doesn't love oneself?  That is the heart of our problems.  All of the "love" I see today is a poor substitute for the real thing.  Even most of those that profess to love themselves.  That is mostly as selfish love, a desperate attempt to love oneself and screw everyone else.

Currently, we expect to find our love in another.  Like it is lost.  That is an accurate assessment.

The old rule was, "How can I be like everyone around me."  Like we were trying to hide in the crowd.  The new rule will be, "You've never met anyone like me."



I thought I would end with this, for those that really still want a god to supply their answers.  I've mentioned often that I spent a dozen years validating the primary concept: men being lousy at coitus is at the heart of all of our problems.  I really wasn't very thorough in explaining just how detailed that validation was.

There is, of course, the four books in which I triangulated in on the problem from so many directions trying to make sense of the mess that humanity made of life.  But, there was so much more.  In addition, it was critical that I study the individual doing the study.  In other words, did I have other credentials besides the sudden insight that started it all.  

In general, I have always had insights but that's kind of a circular argument.  So, I looked for other, more robust validations.  I think the following apply.  I cured cancer for myself (Matsutake mushrooms - at least for carcinoma (with the help of search engines).  Really.  Matsutake mushrooms knocks some forms of carcinoma on its ass (maybe all, maybe all cancers).  In my particular case, it was breast cancer.  I'm not fond of the medical community when it tries to convince me to that its brutal approach that costs exorbitantly and has some poor percentages is any better than phlebotomy (blood-letting).  I can't even seriously call it experimentation.  It's just dumb, desperate, and offensive.

There are so many of these valid insights that it is hard to list them all.  I figured out why I was losing teeth and remedied it (without the help of a dentist).  I figured out why my old bones were aching and, rather than saying "I'm old", I did something about it.  I learned piano in my fifties without ever looking at the keyboard and French in my late sixties.

I got rich enough to be comfortable but never obsessed about money.  And, a rather minor one that I really think was quite innovative.  I figured out how to make eggs last damn near forever.

Maybe the biggest, most important step was cutting all ties with past relationships and I mean completely.  "Ties" is a very good way to look at it.  We are all fed nonsense from the day we are born.  This is very closely coupled to all of the paradigms that I never, ever accepted.  It was the only way in which to break those ties to a whole lot of bullshit.  "Family first", no matter how insane they are.  "Honor thy parents", even if they terrorize the family.  Believe in some nebulous god because the terror attached to this life is too much, which stops any investigation into the source of that terror.  What I am trying to provide here in these writing is a generational approach to resolution rather than the brutal method of cutting off all ties.  The bullshit won't survive in an atmosphere of success at human life.  

Okay.  I could be clearer regarding the last topic but, as I've said elsewhere, I'm not wracking my brain any longer.  Fifty or so years of that was enough.  I've shed most of the toxic fumes of human life and, as I am trying to explain in this missive, become human.

I could go on.  It's been a lifetime of validation.  So, fuck the gods.  Take on life for yourself and for humanity.  As I said, I'm not wracking my brain any longer.  It is time for the rest of humanity to wrack their brains for a change.

Am I disappointed that humanity doesn't light up to its potential in my lifetime?  Not really.  After a lifetime of applying and studying strategy, I realize that nothing significant happens quickly.  Overcoming humanity's stupour is not an easy task.  Sad?  Yes.  Disappointed?  Not so much.  I can only hope that a few get the slightest clue and follow through.

I am concerned, though, that we are nearing the precipice, once again.  So, I hope you get a move on.